#0 Name: Anonymous
Good day, and welcome to Bus Stop - a small talk message board. Each post remains on the site for only a day, after which, it disappears. Registration is not required, and small media files can be uploaded along with each post.

If you find this place empty, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's completely abandoned. Feel free to make a post to start a discussion, perhaps someone will see it and reply!

Bus Stop is intended to be a stress free environment for talking with strangers. Try to keep a relaxed demeanor when posting, please don't say or upload anything that might ruin the other person's day.
I hope we meet again.

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#10067 Name: Anonymous   10min
what would you consider a waste of time online
#10068 Name: さようなら   2h

Attachment is hidden.

I think I need to quit.
hope you all have a nice life
hope you deal swiftly with vexing psychological knots - that you see it as an opportunity to grow stronger.

I hope you learn to enjoy your enemies, for you become them

surprised I've posted here for so long, there's little that'll yield from it. Maybe I make you raise your eyebrow as you read this. that's all that it ever will be

most people don't feel real anyway, not that I would ever want to be real to you, not that it matters.

I'm ready to fall. There'll be no voices. No one to let me know it's okay (as if they ever did say such things to begin with!)

that's my job - that's your job too, to let yourself know it's okay.

Hope you find confidence, hope you don't let the tyrants rule you, or to be happily ruled when there's a mountaintop that we could share a view on - you won't get there imprisoned

time to endure the silence
#10069 Name: さようなら   2h
you may want to look at life beyond the school work; to pretend that you are graduated and you already hate your job, what would you do then?

I have a dead email I can leave here, but what's the use exactly?
Is it even worth extending a hand to complete strangers? I've tried so many times and it failed. I don't know - why help people that you'll never see, beyond deluding yourself you're doing something right

c'est la vie, best path is alone
#10070 Name: Anonymous   4h
Thank you for everything.
Be well.
#10071 Name: Anonymous   5h

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Currently running an experiment in cutting off nearly everyone in my social life for some period of time. Been a month so far. It's been lonely! This place helps a bit.
I think one of the best permanent values you can pull from anonymous forums is unfiltered perspectives that can't be found from people with a reputation to protect, including yourself. It's a form of privacy that fundamentally changes your method of processing ideas. To be so free! Very hard to embrace and use it though, which is why you hardly ever see any normies on boards.
The sandtrap in it though, is that this sense of community does not fulfill it's eventual purpose: To grow interpersonal bonds! To do that, you'd have to go against the very distinct difference that anonymous boards have: Being anonymous.
I think it's also important to note that it seems like most anons really do have a lot to get off their chest, struggling with serious problems, and often very introverted. So for one reason or another, usually are pretty volatile in maintaining a social connection.
So having said all that, I've got some questions for YOU specifically. (But I'd love to hear others' thoughts too).
Assuming you visit others, what attracts you to anonymous boards? If only this one, why? What is, or what WAS the value?
Do you have much of a social life irl? Do you feel cared for or loved?
Personal one, feel free to ignore but it does help roughly gauge life experience: How old are you?
Have you ever successfully helped someone in your life in a big way?
PS: No answer is too long. Seriously, I'd be impressed if you somehow manage it lol.
#10072 Name: Anonymous   11h

If it's the only way to stop your pathetic, melodramatic whining, then whatever dude.
#10073 Name: Anonymous   15h

whatever >>10068 >>1069 >>10070 >>10071 is doing i guess
#10074 Name: Anonymous   15h
Being online.
#10075 Name: Anonymous   15h
Watching reviews and anlysis of media you haven't and wont consume, debates, and digital hobby communities. Last one is a bit controversial, but I stand by it. It's the curse of the medium; the only people able to be active on hobby forums are those who spend more time on the forum then the hobby. That means it's full of noobs, drama lovers, and general low quality posts. If you still consider the site "useful" I'd just check once a week/month instead of daily
#10076 Name: Anonymous   19h
I guess but sometimes its different as automotive forums basically exist solely for builders to inform others about their own builds and tips.
#10077 Name: Anonymous   19h
Eh, I see where your coming from with the hobby communities, but some hobbies are so niche the existence of low quality posts doesnt matter in comparison to being able to communicate with like-minded people.
#10078 Name: Anonymous   22h
Being online