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#18078 Name: Anonymous   10min
got a buzz cut yesterday... finally neck nape ventilation
#18079 Name: Anonymous   35min
Relationship anon update. It was a mutual breakup. That's all I want to talk about online
#18080 Name: Anonymous   2h
ultimatum didn't work?
#18081 Name: Anonymous   2h
It was a lot deeper than that. He planned to break up that day too for unrelated and valid reasons.
#18082 Name: Anonymous   3h
looks like everything turned out fine, then!
I am happy you both got out of a relationship neither of you wanted.
#18083 Name: trilobite-enjoyer   4h
Did you know?

The first trilobites emerged early in the Cambrian period, around 520 million years ago, during what is called 'The Cambrian explosion,' a rapid increase in the complexity and diversity of life on Earth.

Stay tuned for more trilobite facts!
#18084 Name: Mel   6h
what a shame that i've been single my whole life
#18085 Name: dunkeosteusfan2008   10h
dunkleosteus could destroy trilobite in a cage match
#18086 Name: Anonymous   12h
cobra kai july 18 so excited I will never be the same ever ever ever again
#18087 Name: trilobite-enjoyer   13h
In a cage match? Maybe... maybe.

But consider this: Dunkleosteus came into existence ~382 million years ago and went extinct around 20 million years after that. Not bad, 20 million years as an apex predator. Trilobites, though? Trilobites have staying power. For 300 million years of Earth's history, trilobites roamed the seas. For 15 times longer than Dunkleosteus's pitiful existence, the noble trilobite stood proud, defending justice, honor, and everything good in this cruel world. And what, pray tell, put an end to Dunkleosteus's reign of terror? Why, the late Devonian extinction event, of course. But did the trilobites perish? No, they pushed on. Weakened, of course, deprived of oxygen and subject to changing sea temperatures, they suffered greatly. It's true, many species went extinct. But the last trilobites survived all the way up until the end of the Permian. That's right, for more than a hundred million years after the last Dunkleosteus took its last breath, trilobites persisted.

So I grant you your cage match. But! Under no circumstances will grant you an iota of evolutionary superiority.
#18088 Name: dunkleosteusfan2008   13h
the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long
#18089 Name: Anonymous   17h
What aboot the sun
#18090 Name: Anonymous   20h
The otherworldly sensation of the first time out in the wind after a buzzcut.

The series is still going?
#18091 Name: trilobite subscriber   22h
Staying tuned. excellent facts.
#18092 Name: trilobite subscriber   22h
I ove your passion... i am rooting for you.
#18093 Name: Anomalocaris_Army   1d
The Anomalocaris Army would like to extend an olive branch to the dunkleosteuses and ally with them in their struggle against the trilobites.