#13824 Name: Anonymous   2h
If you've clapped at least once in the past and you're gonna clap at least once in the future, you haven't stopped clapping, you're just in the middle of a really long clap.
#13825 Name: Anonymous   2h
Of all the things you could be ashamed about you pick posting on forums? Really? Everyone posts on social media these days and I'd say forums are a much more respectable format than something like twitter or instagram.

My shame is that I keep telling myself that I'll reconnect with old friends but then never do it. Recently had another burst of inspiration to get in touch with one and them promptly chickened out when I sat down at my pc.
#13826 Name: Anonymous   8h
Omg I thought I was the only one to whom that happens. I woud fantasize before sleeping about how cool it would be and think of an elaborate reason why I would hit them up and how we would reconnect over a beer or something.

Would happen often thinking about a girl I dated and fell in love too often. Probably the reason I haven't date in a while, and the first date I got recently was a carbon-copy of the girl I dated. Really does something schizoid/Pavlovian in my brain. Like I couldn't have done anything else but when expressed to the stimuli of the woman I once loved I started the reflex of doing my best to hook up.

But yeah I guess
#13827 Name: Anonymous   8h
Oh, so we're at the dry season at the bus stop?!

Those are very cute pictures.

Such is life.
#13828 Name: Anonymous   15h
What would you do if you reconnected?
#13829 Name: Anonymous   21h
Watched wakanda forever and the main irk is that it was still a pretty western centric view of Africa. The idea of mixing 12, forgot the exact amount, tribes into one culture is something that makes sense to someone western, but it's like combining NY, NC, NJ. These are highly unique cultures that don't mend perfectly into a functioning nation. This leads to bizarre artistic decisions like in once scene during a religious ritual a character was wearing an ethopian cross, but the religion wasn't Christian. You can also sense most of the nations that inspired this film would not get along irl. Imo explaining it as slaves or African America's returning to Africa then making wakanda makes more sense because the whole pan African stuff is more popular among African Americans then Africans. In an attempt to create a diverse culture they made an oriental for black people. I will say the Mish mash of cultures can make interesting artistic designs, but the designs don't feel like they were inspired by Africans they were inspired more by ADOS.
Also the movie suffers from the same limp wristed morality as it's predecessors. Like this is straight up war and colinazer propaganda bad.