#17569 Name: Anonymous   8h
Step 1: Apply gun.

If problems persists, apply more gun.
#17570 Name: Anonymous   9h
While I am tempted, the computer is quite useful...
#17571 Name: Anonymous   10h
I believe there is something called hackintosh that'll fix your computer, in a broad and general sense.
#17572 Name: Anonymous   10h
Wait no my bad, hakintosh does the opposite of what I was thinking. Let me rephrase: just install linux on tue damn thing.
#17573 Name: Anonymous   10h
It's running Mint already!
#17574 Name: Anonymous   15h
it's a feature :^)
I think you have to use macOS Monterey or Ventura to turn it off unfortunately
#17575 Name: Anonymous   18h
I'm sure that's what they call it LOL. Sounds like I've had it then, given that I've binned the original OS. Not to worry... I have another 27" iMac that runs Ubuntu that doesn't play the chord, I guess it must be faulty in some way?