#15378 Name: Anonymous   3h
me when im a politics-poisoned RETVRN dudebro who doesnt understand the concept of smalltalk
#15380 Name: Anonymous   6h
As I've grown younger, I've become less tolerant of old people who spout the same ancient, dumb, moronic rethoric that helps them feel less bad about being out of touch with reality and change.
Are you upset about hearing someone complain about coffee? Why don't you "grit your teeth and take it" and perhaps even shut the fuck up?
#15382 Name: Anonymous   17h
Same. I am openly confrontational with older people nowadays. I see no reason not to be.
#15383 Name: Anonymous   19h
I have extreme chronic pain. I wish I was out of pain
#15384 Name: Anonymous   23h
Make my parents home cooked weekly meals
Ignore it and eat instant ramen instead

Either I'm not as good as a cool as I think I am or my parents aren't as healthy as they think they are.
I made them a ginger carrot soup and my dad had the gal to say it's unhealthy because "cooked veggies are less healthy" while eating package noodles.