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#6639 Name: Anonymous  20min
I think this all the time. I wish it was easier to talk with like-minded people about this subject too, because the browsing experience is important.

Bookmarks/history would be a lot easier on the eyes if represented how https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plurk does it with a horizontal timeline.
#6640 Name: Anonymous  35min
Sometimes I think that browsers are broken and unfit for browsing

Because they are. I blame images, which in turn led to mice, which led to ads, which led to social media. I've been looking at Gopher recently and although it's as dead as you can imagine, it's really comfy to navigate and you can stick a browser session inside Vim. I can't imagine how great things would be if computers evolved as text only devices.
#6641 Name: Anonymous  7h
Your vision of computer history is strange and your understanding of it must be poor. Images did not lead to mice. The mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in the 1960s to work with hypertext. His goal was to create a system that augmented human intelligence. Watch The Mother of All Demos. It was a vision of a computer that didn't suck precisely as a tool for learning and knowledge work.

Early progress in graphical displays was also driven in large part by the desire to work with text in more sophisticated ways. The VT100 is not a great device to handle text, and its emulators are not great, either. It stuck because as a protocol it is simple and half-broken implementations still work, and also because X Window is an abomination. I think a lot of the love for the terminal comes from *nix getting the GUI so terribly wrong. Things would be different if a system that integrated graphical applications more like Plan 9 had overtaken *nix.
#6642 Name: Anonymous  8h
Wow, thanks for showing Plurk to me. I was just thinking about how to redesign Twitter with a horizontal timeline. Do you visit any places where you can talk about this stuff? Years ago I tried to find one and could not. Ted Nelson should have overcome his distaste for the Web and made fucking forum twenty years ago. The connections made there would have changed the world by now.
#6643 Name: Anonymous  8h
(The "fucking" was for emphasis. I did not mean a teledildonics forum.)
#6644 Name: Anonymous  9h
You could tell he was off his rocker the moment he went after mice.
#6645 Name: Anonymous  9h

Attachment is hidden.

It's my pleasure. Maybe you could say I like it when sites have an open API which allows people to spin up their own interfaces. It's mostly wasted on material design mobile apps though. Sadly I do not know of any places where people talk about this kind of thing directly without being knee jerks like on imageboards. What I say now will turn you off, but I'm not a technical user: it's just interacting feels clumsy and wrong. I'd love it if you'd email me at registrant@airmail.cc

#6646 Name: Anonymous  10h
I made the post on the assumption that mice came along with GUIs, why did hypertext need a mouse to work with? Mice are still a terrible device with terrible ergonomics that you have to reach out to in order to do things that a keyboard would do just fine. Hypertext links marked with a number are so much better.
#6647 Name: Anonymous  10h
Also the mouse was, in fact, popularized by a 1981 Xerox computer that put 100% of its marketing on the fact that you could click on GUI stuff with a mouse. Turns out that mice were responsible for GUIs rather than the opposite.
#6648 Name: Anonymous  12h
I am surprised but not put off that you are non-technical. I think a lot of technical people get caught up in the minutia and interface quirks of current technology. They become so accustomed to it that they almost take it personally when you say it needs to be replaced. I guess that part is simply human nature.

I'll email you. I need to first figure out which of my fake emails work, though.
#6649 Name: Anonymous  12h
What are your favorite Gopher holes?
#6650 Name: Anonymous  13h
The mouse frees up brain power because you're using a lower order part of the brain instead of the higher order part you would with the keyboard simply for navigation. The computer pioneers figured this out. There was a study done on it.
#6651 Name: Anonymous  19h
There is it's called CSS :P just override the style sheets all browsers support it
#6652 Name: Anonymous  21h
Not >>6640 but gopher://asgartech.com and gopher://sdf.org/1/users/spelk are both pretty cool if I remember right.

I recommend the Overbite browser addon (https://gopher.floodgap.com/overbite/) to browse gopher sites if you don't want to use Lynx.

Also you can set up your own gopher hole for free with https://sdf.org/ (the second gopher hole I listed has a guide for this).
#6653 Name: SQUIBBLE IT! SQUIBBL  1d