#17808 Name: Anonymous   4h
some people just click with each other better than others. getting along well with someone on its own doesn't necessarily mean that you are interested in them romantically. i'm normally just as clueless when it comes to romance vs friendship, but a good indicator from what i've seen is that if you see yourself being in a relationship with this person, and you still have that vision of a future with them after some time has passed, then you might be interested :)
#17809 Name: Anonymous   6h
i think this guy liked me but i'm totally oblivious to romantic stuff and i tend to ignore people when i like them, im afraid to show feelings. we used to have a cute friendship during first semester at uni, but now he's distant, we dont even talk, and i followed him on ig and he didnt even follow me back. he's cute and i kind of think it would be nice but i feel like i screwed up everything.
#17810 Name: Anonymous   8h
go ask him out, anon

#17811 Name: Anonymous   11h
I feel really weird man. like idk what's happening. I'm 14 now!! I turned 14 on may 2. I'm old, wow. its weird but its nice.
#17812 Name: Anonymous   13h
Happy for you, Anon!
#17813 Name: Anonymous   1d
This guy feels old at 14.
I'm 31...